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In a world that moves at Mach speed, where choices are plentiful for everything we encounter, businesses must be on the ball to gain consumer attention. Then they must make sure to show that consumer they deserve to be trusted by having a product or service that has value. One of the best ways to illustrate value is to have great customer service.

Life in the Okanagan is close to paradise, and as a result, people expect to be WOWed when they are here.  Whether you are a local who lives here year round or a tourist visiting for the first time, the Okanagan Valley, Vancouver or even Calgary are the kind of internationally recognized destinations that consumers expect will include world-class service as part of the experience.

WOW Service Mentor helps small business owners to put together a complete picture that they can communicate to all of their employees and customers so that everyone will experience the magic they want to convey.

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The Company

WOW Service Mentor is a consulting company based in the Okanagan that provides a hands-on, customer-focused approach for small to medium size businesses who want to achieve their ideal customer experience read more
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WOW Service Mentor provides in-house service training and mentoring for an entire team of staff and managers from Vancouver to Calgary. Whether for staff training, customer loyalty program or for a special event, an initial assessment and consultation allows WOW to provide a tailored approach to the service need. read more
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In real life, things often don't go according to plan, and in the service business this is an everyday occurrence. Customers want to know that they are cared about, and owners want to feel confident that their employees can solve problems when they arise. read more
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In today's world you don't buy a brand identity, you live it. Your customers will interpret what your brand means to them by the emotional connection they make with your employees. How do you maintain the culture you want? read more
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Share in the latest news on how to make the most of your customer experience. WOW Service Mentor is happy to share tips, success stories, and plenty of information. Your comments are welcome on the blog and social media! read more